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Our web tools can help you create world-class web sites. The tools are installed on most, if not all, of our servers and most of them are free and available for your use. Any such use of these tools needs to be consistent with our general policies.

Some of our tools are programs, servers or services for which a fee is charged. Often this fee includes setup and optional training; then you can manage things yourself. Miva Shopping Cart, for example, can be installed by Back Office staff, then learned on your own, or you can purchase training and help with initial setup or you can just hire us to build and maintain your shopping service.

None of the tools are available for download, and will work only if your pages are being hosted from a Back Office Internet server. Should you decide to change servers, please keep this in mind.

The documentation included in this section (see links at top of page) is designed to help you do your own work to improve your site. If you need assistance using any of these tools, please contact:

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