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Email Documentation - Manage your Mail Accounts

There is a Web Tool interface for you to manage your Email accounts and Aliases. Listed below are the steps for accessing your account options.

1. Using a web browser, go to the following address -
2. You will be prompted for a Username and Password. The Username would have been assigned to you when the account was created, and typically begins with "piw". Enter your username in the format of "". Type in the password that is associated with your account - it is case sensitive, be sure to include any capital letters.

Once you have logged into the Web Tool, edit each account item according to your preference.

Edit a user
1. Select the user in the menu to the right.
2. Click on "Edit this user".
3. Modify whatever you wish for existing users.

Delete this user As the owner of the account, your username starts with a "piw" DO NOT DELETE YOURSELF! You can delete your other users as you wish (as administrator) - end users do not have this option.

Show Dial pool usage for this company
Not Available at this time.

Show IP traffic for this company
Applies only to clients with an ADSL connection.

Add a new user
1. Click on "Add New User".
  • Username is just "user" - no need to add domain name here.
  • Password. Whatever you like; end user can change if they wish.
  • Dialup Access. Not available at this time. See if you need a dial account.
  • Start Date is today by default. It's for reference only, so you can make it whatever you wish.
  • Deleted Date - again reference if you wish.
  • Access Level (always 5 for end users) you are a 10. Allows for different changes.
  • Forward this email? Yes or No.
  • If yes, where to? Say you use a cable connection, you would use "".
  • Keep a copy locally. This will keep a copy of mail sent to this account on the server.
  • Vacation Responder. This will generate an automated response Email whenever mail is sent to this account.
  • Text of forward message. This is where you enter the text of your automated response Email.
    2. Select "Add this user" to add them.

    Manage aliases
    Aliases allow you to create "mail forward" accounts for multiple users at your domain. The reasons for doing this vary, however it is usually because you are limited to only a few POP3 accounts, but may have many more staff that you would like to have mail. (postmaster and root automatically go to our administrator)

    To create a "catch all" mail, use the term "default" (the domain is already there by default.

    Then, for the forward, put in the full Email address that you would like the mail to go to. Perhaps you would like to go to your web designer whose email address is

    Mail Settings for your mail program. (Outlook, Eudora etc..)
    Incoming Mail (POP3) Server:
    Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server: use the current one provided by your ISP. ie: Mail Username:
    Mail Password: The password for this account.

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